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Hello everybody,

since more than a year of break i´m back now with a new update and a new page. yes has moved to . I´m very happy aboout it and i hope that i can make some more updates as the last year
so please enjoy the stuff and come back soon. And for Kareena Fans don´t forget to visit my kareena page

So and here are 148 new animations


10* Kajol in ads animations

33* Kajol in My Name Is Khan animations

10* Kajol in We are Family animations

10* Shah Rukh in 16th annual star screen awards 2010

29* Shah Rukh in My Name is Khan animations

05* Arjun in We are Family

29* Katrina in De Dana Dan animations

09* Neha in De Dana Dan animations

27* Akshay in De Dana Dan animations

24* Aishwarya in Raavan animations
12.7.10 17:25


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